About Us

About Us

"Grow with Crowh"

What is Crowh?

Crowh or more formally known as Crowh Forex Trading LTD is a project launched by a team of trading geeks. The team has a very rich background with members from different fields coming together to bring this plan to life. We have people from Accounting, Finance, I.T, Management, and Innovation investing their expertise in Crowh so that we along with all our shareholders climb the ladder of success. We at Crowh offer premium forex signals as well as services such as copy trading, market analysis, and up-to-date forex market news.

Why should you trust us?

Crowh LTD is the leading provider of real forex market news, market analyst, trade ideas, and forex signals. Crowh has become a major gateway to the Forex market for many traders worldwide. Our professional team delivers real-time alerts on the major currency pairs and commodities with in-depth analysis and trade ideasNow with our ultimate Copy Trading and Signal provider services you can sleep at night calmly knowing your Forex accounts won't blow up. We will always provide you our services with the best quality. 

Our Mission

With our professional traders and experts of over 13 years, we are committed to providing back to the community which has enabled us and many of our fellow traders over the years to bypass financial freedom. Crowh believes helping out the community to bring financial freedom to people all over the world is a fine responsibility of Crowh founders. Crowh founders have a strategic objective to enable 10 million people to achieve the goals of Crowh and their Stakeholders collectively. At the end of the day, if our clients are satisfied with us we as Crowh have succeeded in our mission.

Our Vision

Our slogan "Grow with Crowh" says it all. We at Crowh will strive all around the year to be one of the leading financial service providers in International Markets. Crowh's founders believe in growing with people all over the world. Crowh's ultimate goal is to provide quality to not only their stakeholders but all the public. We aim to not only stick to forex but provide services in cryptocurrency as well as the stock market. Our ambition is to establish a platform where we introduce various investment opportunities to the general public. 

Best Management Team

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Habiba Himu



CEO, Softhouse

Harun Rahman

CEO, Softhouse

RFL Boss

CEO, Softhouse